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D a v i d   P a m   M c Q u e l What are they feasting? As December hits, the already warm ambience in Abidjan starting taking a new dimension. Children where so excited as they giggles in the classroom went endless. Even before school starts, there were many endless stories to share. The kids had different categories of families as well different temperaments. Me my father will buy me a bicycle. Me my dad is buying me a piano. My father said we are traveling to South Africa for the Christmas. Others went quiet. Either they are from a polygamous family or their parents are irreligious or they are too poor to afford anything special. Halshe work at 3am just a week to Christmas. His neighbous wife was not having it. Last Christmas he calmed her down, after she got on warpath for giving only 50,000cfa for Christmas shopping. Her friend's husband is better placed financially and gave his wife 300,000cfa. Halshe's wife will not understand any grammatical explanation. S


Hi friends, may the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. I apologize that we have been silent on our blog. It is because this year came with many open doors for expansion and spread. We had to readjust and reshape and reorganize. Significantly, God has moved us from where we have been to a new level as a ministry and this gives us a better opportunity to serve the body of Christ and to be the link between the church and the mission field. Between july and September 2018 God lunched us into internet tv livestreaming. GLOBAL IMPACT, From a very very humble beginning with almost nothing, we have a small studio, a great production team and beautiful programs airing. GLOBAL IMPACT kick off on the 26 September 2018 and ran for almost one year airing once a week, Wednesdays 7:05PM EST in the US and 11:05PM GMT for viewers in West Africa. Just three weeks ago, we had a significant offer to air 3 (1 hour) times a week and just as we are trying


 B Y D A V I D P A M M c Q U E L Special moments in Jesus’ life and ministry The fact that Jesus came is indisputable. And many events doted His extraordinarily eventful life. His Birth in Bethlehem announced thousands of years ahead and marked by a mysterious appearing of a start more than 2000 miles away, His intriguing Baptism at Jordan market by the descend of the Holy Spirit in a dove form accompanied by God’s own voice from the open heavens in the hearing of all. Then there was His mindboggling ministry with inexplicable transformation of sinners, never ever seen before dumbfounding miracles and healings, the spellbinding sermon on the mount, the miracles beyond documentation, the once in an eternity transfiguration of Christ on the mountain the presence of His disciples, the incredible suspension of gravity and His walking on the water. Then came His dramatic arrest, the worst kangaroo court sessions in history which crafted his unjustifiable sentence to de


B Y   D A V I D   P A M   M C Q U E L Truly exceptional peace I came in exhausted. Welcome daddy” the kids roared full of life. But I was cold. I looked beaten and exhausted I looked at them and tried to force a smile. Then literally dropped the laptop bag on the sofa. The excitement nosedived. “Poor kids” I thought beneath my breathe. They have no idea. There are lots of things I would rather not do. They are complicated, demanding, frustrating and excruciating. Although they turn out to be a big blessing. But hard work is hard. No debate about it. And can I add “tough”? Immediately after the morning worship with family, I rushed into the shower complaining about both the less sleep I had last night and the fact that I’m already late to this morning’s appointment. I kicked the door open, ejected myself out while adjusting the tie. I was outside with I heard the kids shooting their bye bye daddy. I did reply, but I was at the main gate. Did they


B Y     J E A N I N E     K O N G O I have experienced a glorious past Not everyone is born in the church. While some were big pagans in a Christian body. Others have experienced the unimaginable. I am one of those who have known the world in a particular way and who have proudly shared it spicing it with exaggerations in front of other Christians "old bosses" just to “save face" in the debates about old times. There was this effort to give the impression that I was also an intimidating figure. This image is built upon many lies, or unspoken truths or things that people can easily believe without having to prove it ... (I know this terrain so well lol) Of what use are these "professional experiences" on a CV that is supposed to be dead at the cross? How should I boast of having been a hard time if I have now experienced real life in CHRIST? And I look upon all things as a loss, because of the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ my


BY    D A V I D    P A M    M C Q U E L It is without question that some things matter more than others. In our daily lives, we make choices. Our choices are based on our values. Our values drive our choices. We have choices because there are options. Jim Rohn said, “It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. You cannot make progress without making decisions.” And John Maxwell said, ”Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” There is no overemphasizing how important making choices affect us. In fact, not making decisions is decision making already. Not choosing is a choice. Rejecting left is already choosing right. Accepting God is rejecting satan as well as going along with the devil is turning your back on God.   God throughout scripture revealed the power of choice. In Genesis 4, is the account of Cain, first man ever born and his sibling Abel. As Adam and Eve raised their young family, everyone gr


This article has been entire taken and blogged giving full credits to Godreports blog. We are only privileged to spread this good God report.   By Josie Rabbitt Bingham — Chaplain Rondon (left) at July 29 Chapel service, when 200 soldiers gave their lives to Christ Army Chaplain Jose Rondon believes “there is nothing more exhilarating in life than seeing people come to Christ.” In the last six months, Rondon has experienced that exhilaration with more than 1,400 professions of faith — something one could describe as a spiritual awakening — at Fort Leonard Wood, his place of ministry. Because of his reputation for being intentional in his ministry, many have come to hear Rondon share the Gospel on Sundays. Soldiers packed into Chapel service “We have seen 1,459 soldiers come to Christ since March of this year,” Rondon said. “God is doing great things at Fort Leonard Wood among the hundreds of soldiers who have come to know Christ personally.” Soldiers bow their knee


By   Z E N I T H A    V I C T O R I A    B A D A I celebrate you all, I bless God for the strength to continue in Him. We would be looking at the part B of What You Feed Your Spirit Matters and as we look into this topic we ask the holy spirit to minister to our hearts in Jesus name Amen. The holy spirit is like a man riding a vehicle, and the vehicle represents our body. We know the popular road safety slogan, "Do not drink and drive" this is because the intake of   alcohol could lead this driver to cause an accident on the road, in other words we the condition of a driver matters for a safe drive.   Our spirit is a spiritual man, that has feelings, and just like human beings feel hungry he does to, but for spiritual food which is the word of God. The more we feed our spirit with the word of God the more he reminds us of the word of God and that is why the bible says, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Rom


          NEWS FROM THE WORLD MISSIONS CENTRE, ABIDJAN The long postponed spreading to the unreached nations of West Africa. Rev. Mark Sessay of the Assemblies of God Sierra Leone has been a long time friend when we met in Ghana in 2012 and has invited us to Sierra Leone since then. Rev. Philip Zantoe of Monrovia Liberia a good friend we met in Uyo International Pastors Conference hosted by the great Pro-Missions Pastor Dr. Sylvanus Ukafia. Since then Pastor Philip has looked forward to our coming to Liberia The Year 2019 presents us an extraordinary opportunity to seize God's long awaited word and ride on its wings. Mission Tour kicks off 26 February and should last about 2 weeks. I will be speaking in a few churches, but I will also be reaching rural and urban centres, to create friendships and lay down a found for great mission work. I urge our friends and Partners who love the Lord, who love what we do and enjoy to see us progress stand with us. Pray for u


BY   D A V I D    P A M    M C Q U E L My friend Rhonda Cocroft-Powell asked me about my testimony of salvation, funny enough this is the first time someone online asked. Indeed I realized I have not blogged my testimony of salvation yet. It was immediately an inspiration and I began to script in my mind. I have a reach legacy of salvation left behind by my parents. The Barkin Ladi Revival of 1958 Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria is not connected to the international American apostolic ministry. It was birthed from an encounter the late apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola (1904-1948) of South Nigeria had in 1928 when he was a driver with the British colonial Public Works Department. It was an exceptional encounter there is no space to describe here. As a result of his ministry which was turning tens of thousands weekly from idol worship to Christ, his followers came together and urge him to start a church. Hence, Christ Apostolic Church was born. The church spread thro

Chose Life

BY    D A V I D   P A M    M C Q U E L The obvious opposite of life is death. And no one in their right minds would be thinking about choosing death instead of life. But then, when you look closely at scriptural meaning of life, you will be perplexed that so many rightly chose death over life. I remember when Jesus was brought before Pilate. The Jewish leaders who brought him were so enraged beyond reason. They were driven by hatred so much that nothing else mattered. Luke 23:13-25 ”It was amazing that after Herod refused to condemn Jesus and he was brought back to Pilate for sentencing, the accusers, the Jewish leaders had two clear cut choices before them, Jesus the Messiah versus Barabbas, a violent murderous criminal. Pilate called together the chief priests, the rulers and the people, and said to them, “You brought me this man as one who was inciting the people to rebellion. I have examined him in your presence and have found no basis for your charg


BY   F A I T H    S H A I B U It's January and the break for the holiday is over, resumption for the next semester commences. I decided I would take the bus down from Karu where I reside to Lokoja where I attend school on monday of the next week. My name is Sandrine, an undergraduate at Kogi State university. I'm 21, the first born of a family of five. My mum as usual have started her preparation for what I will be needing in school before my departure. In her eagerness, I know deep down she is already missing me and wished I could stay longer. Monday morning arrived so quickly and daddy woke me up to get ready so I can get to the park early. “Sandrine” “Yes dad!” I responded sluggishly. He is not like mum. African men are not supposed to be emotional. So he put up a class act. It was like he was indifferent. But I know dad, as the eldest kid, he loves to have me around, especially that I look like his mum. He feels she incarnated me. Only that