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B Y   D A V I D    M c Q U E L HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL   But for us at the World Missions Centre, Abidjan, it is an even bigger day. Today is the 5 th anniversary of the launch of the World Missions Africa Blog.   When we launched on January 1, 2017, we had only on our hearts a message to share about the love of God through our Lord Jesus Christ and on our minds anxiety and questions if anyone at all will read the message we blog.   Here was our first blog post published on January 3, 2017: “Welcome to our blog. World Missions, Africa is making every effort to bring the love of Christ to all humanity. Primarily, we focus on  Africa  now in our physical activities. But with the online community, our efforts extends to the ends of the earth. Jesus died for all humanity. Every race, every ethnic group, every people, male or female, bound or free, the gospel of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ is free to all. Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the go
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  B  Y   D  A  V  I  D   M c  Q  U  E  L Depositphotos Blog That we live in dangerous times is no revelation. However, how we navigate through it must be by revelation. We should live happy lives, glorifying God and successfully preparing our kids to face the world ahead of them successfully also. Among the many realities of today are:   The War Against Conventional Truth Truth is being replaced with feelings on a massive scale like never seen before. What we were thought while growing up as moral, biblical or civil truth is now bastardize and replaced with the lefts version of truth which is relative truth. Truth basic on emotions and sentimentalism. For a long time, promiscuity and sexual perversity was know to be immoral by all of society even those who didn’t go to church. Today, it is what you feel good that is truth.   The War Against Biblical Values It is fashionable now to dismiss any biblical view. In fact, Islamic values, Buddhist or atheist are more readily a


  B Y    D A V I D    M c Q U E L And she kept praying for her hostile sister. Her sister was not exceptionally attractive or a sought-after kind of girl, however, she was a wild cat. She plunged into the world headlong. She was not going to deprive herself anything fun.   She has had enough deprivations in life, she thought. Their parents were extremely principled and unbending conservatives who believed in nothing but hard work and success.   As the girls grew, their lives were basically planned and their goals for their future were right between the eye’s day and night addictively. As a child the routine were pretty simple: school, home then church. As she grew up, sports were lightly added and house chores.   She heard hilarious stories from classmates. Most of it was strange but lot of it projected as fun. Hanging around folks for so long and hearing the same things for long gets registered in your memory. I didn’t know then.   To me, all was meaningless jab. All


B  Y    D A V I D   P A M  M C Q U E L Today World Missions Africa Blog is Four Years Old. HURRAYYY!!! Here are the latest statistics: INPUT We made 130 blog posts in 4 years, an average of 32.5 or 2.7 posts a month Total of 24 comments an average of 6 per year. All Time visits of over 20,000 visits Last 30 days 357 Over 60 nations Highest visited articles: Depression and spiritual growth – 862 visits (all time highest) An extraordinary transformation (A converted radical muslim’s testimony) – 581 visits Leah Sharibu – 321 visits The Holy Spirit – 305 visits When roots matter – 254 visits The Church is going through fire; The Church and missions; First steps first and 7 others – hundreds of visits Top Browsers: Chrome 10,000 visits Mobile ,2500 visits Firefox 2,300 visits Opera 1,300 visits Safari 1,300 visits MSIE, mobile safari, headlessChrome, Samsung browsers and others, Hundreds of visits each. Top OS: Windows, Android, Iphone, mac, Linux, Ipad and compatible. Visits par geography


OPPORTUNITIES HAVE COME, NEW STEPS FOLLOW We offer Thanksgiving to God for 2020, a tumultuous year but full of opportunities as the Lord spoke to us last December. Thank you also our more than 20,000 visitors and more. You inspire us a lot. Our Director David McQuel travelled to the US in february for the Keystone Project Discipleship making movement, although he got trapped in the web of the global pandemic, we are confident that God was with him and it was God's plan all this while. God did not only provide for him but provided for his family and the ministry running in his absence.  David's wife was lockdown in Ghana as well as she went to visit the mission field there. His daughter and staff, Lois kept the ministry going in their absence as they all stayed connected through Social Media. God used family friends and ministry partners to provide care and support.  May God bless them all. World Missions Centre will still stay around her main calling: Evangelism, Discipleship a


  BY JONATHON VAN MAREN ‘I’ve suspected for some time that these so-called “conversion therapy bans” are simply a Trojan horse that can effectively be used to render preaching, teaching, pastoral support, and Christian counseling on any LGBT-related issue illegal’ October 7, 2020 ( LifeSiteNews ) – Proponents of the so-called “conversion therapy bans” cropping up in many Western countries have a very simple and very compelling public rationalization for these laws. These laws, they claim, are necessary to prevent young people from being forced into dangerous and discredited therapies that attempt to alter who they are. The phrase “conversion therapy,” which has generally been used to refer to abusive practices such as electroshock therapy and conjures up ugly images almost immediately, has been used very intentionally. What humane person, after all, could oppose banning that? Even the United Nations has  called on member nations  to get on board. Of course, these so-called “conversion


Christ’s mandate to make disciples is meant for every one of His followers. BY   L E S L I   W H I T E Jesus’ final instruction to His followers was “go and make disciples”. Jesus made disciples, the disciples made disciples and their disciples made disciples. Jesus’ method of making disciples was focused more on relationships and action and less on information and knowledge. But in an age where church no longer seems relevant or helpful – or even good – to many people, so many are leaving and losing site of Jesus’ call. On top of this, many of those who make it to Sunday service are biblically illiterate, lack commitment to evangelism and mission, and have shallow faith. It’s important as followers of Christ to understand what discipleship is and what discipleship is not so we are able to fulfill the Great Commission. By definition, a disciple is a follower, one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another. A Christian disciple is a person who accepts and assists in