BY  Z E N I T H A    V I C T O R I A    B A D A

"You cannot excel in life if you want to go alone in life." Dr Jeffrey seif.

I celebrate you all.

Today I'd be talking on how friendship can bring others to Christ.

Looking at the meaning of friendship from the Chrome dictionary it is defined as the relationship, bond,union between friends. These days people come into our lives and we are not sure how to categorize them, but I'll have you know that "Friends" are the most influential people in our life's thateither bring us down our pull us up. The bible speaking "Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces. " Proverbs 13:20 MSG.

We need to learn to define our friend-ship with people, we need to know the the kind of "friends" we are letting into our "ship", so that when the wind blows we could help each other stand firm. The bible says "friends come and friends go, but a true frie…


B Y   D A V I D   P A M    M c Q U E L

I sat there staring at the beautiful coffee mug. I like it black with a chocolate shot. My mind drifts every 5 minutes, wandering about many things and many places.

For a while, I drifted away and Jephtha went off my.
A minute later, like a heavy rock he came back. I sank inside like a dumbbell into the water. How am I going to handle this? How many times have I asked this question in the last one hour? A hundred times? Or even more.

I sat at the dinning table. This is my third cup of coffee. Usually, I smile watching the steam rise from my hot coffee like the smoke from an evening sacrifice in ancient Israel. A third cup of coffee, yet my anxiety is rather steaming.

Jephtha…I whispered.
Then I broke the silence after a minute, as if I was waiting for an answer. I looked up again at the condom on the table. My heart sank again.
Jeph is just 16! Come on Jeph….!! Just 16! I sighed
I have always thought highly and spoken so eloquently of my Jeph. I thought…


B Y   D A V I D   P A M   M c Q U E L
In this difficult time that we live in, we need faith and confidence to walk victoriously as believers in Christ. We all need to understand our relationship with Him and what it entails. We don’t serve a God who is remotely removed and leaves us alone to our own devices.
David said, God never sleeps nor slumber. That God will not let his feet slip. David’s experiences as the writer of this psalm is a great background for this blog today.
David broke records of spiritual pinnacles and spiritual lows in Scripture. Everyone can find himself somewhere in his spiritual journey. He was so spiritual that he received grace to kill a lion, a bear and Goliath. He wrote amazing prophecies and psalms. He led the whole nation to worship God and worked hard to keep a clean conscience.
Then we see him get so low that he got his servant’s wife pregnant (which should have got David stoned to death), then went on to scheme her husband to sleep his wife and hide hi…


B Y    D A V I D    P A M    M c Q U E L

Happy Easter to you all!
It is worth shouting from the rooftops that JESUS IS ALIVE!
He who died and was buried rose again! He rose triumphantly having conquered death and brought with Him great victory for us. He died to set mankind free from all the aftermath and consequences of the fall of man in the garden of Eden.
Two millennia ago, prophecy was fulfilled as spoken in Isaiah 7:14
A young teenager on the dusty fields of Israel had a scary experience, a visit from Gabriel. Although she feared God, it was beyond her wildest imagination that an ordinary barefoot girl would have God’s attention.
Would you believe it if it happened to you?
To cut the story short, Mary found herself in a place where she couldn’t even tell what’s going on. From then on, everything was bewildering. Joseph and Mary had to flee to Egypt, something that was not even a thought in their mind. Can you imagine the cultural and economic shaking?
And then the time came when …


BY    D A V I D    P A M    M c Q U E L

Hi friends, I know it’s been long that I blogged. I apologize.
I have had to deal with a lot, have no secretary and our staff is really thin. I hope to settle down soon and getting back on blogging twice a week.
I am currently in the United States of America for both a discipleship training with the Keystone Project at South Dakota as well as enjoying vacation with the lovely friends the Lord has given me over the last few years.
So far my best experience is captioned in the title above. I would say I am having a taste of liberty.
The United States chief ideals are liberty and the pursuit for happiness. Looking back where I come, Africa, I think we have not had any of the two.
I will give you my first example is this. I have spent the last twenty-five years in three countries: Nigeria, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. In all these countries and in fact, all African countries, a citizen or the ordinary joe has not access to a mile without the Presidential Pal…


D a v i d   P a m   M c Q u e l

What are they feasting?
As December hits, the already warm ambience in Abidjan starting taking a new dimension. Children where so excited as they giggles in the classroom went endless. Even before school starts, there were many endless stories to share.

The kids had different categories of families as well different temperaments.
Me my father will buy me a bicycle.
Me my dad is buying me a piano.
My father said we are traveling to South Africa for the Christmas.
Others went quiet. Either they are from a polygamous family or their parents are irreligious or they are too poor to afford anything special.

Halshe work at 3am just a week to Christmas. His neighbous wife was not having it. Last Christmas he calmed her down, after she got on warpath for giving only 50,000cfa for Christmas shopping. Her friend's husband is better placed financially and gave his wife 300,000cfa. Halshe's wife will not understand any grammatical explanation.
She work him a…


Hi friends, may the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

I apologize that we have been silent on our blog. It is because this year came with many open doors for expansion and spread. We had to readjust and reshape and reorganize.
Significantly, God has moved us from where we have been to a new level as a ministry and this gives us a better opportunity to serve the body of Christ and to be the link between the church and the mission field.
Between july and September 2018 God lunched us into internet tv livestreaming. GLOBAL IMPACT, From a very very humble beginning with almost nothing, we have a small studio, a great production team and beautiful programs airing.

GLOBAL IMPACT kick off on the 26 September 2018 and ran for almost one year airing once a week, Wednesdays 7:05PM EST in the US and 11:05PM GMT for viewers in West Africa.
Just three weeks ago, we had a significant offer to air 3 (1 hour) times a week and just as we are trying to fit in, a week later we ev…


B Y D A V I D P A M M c Q U E L

Special moments in Jesus’ life and ministry
The fact that Jesus came is indisputable. And many events doted His extraordinarily eventful life. His Birth in Bethlehem announced thousands of years ahead and marked by a mysterious appearing of a start more than 2000 miles away, His intriguing Baptism at Jordan market by the descend of the Holy Spirit in a dove form accompanied by God’s own voice from the open heavens in the hearing of all.

Then there was His mindboggling ministry with inexplicable transformation of sinners, never ever seen before dumbfounding miracles and healings, the spellbinding sermon on the mount, the miracles beyond documentation, the once in an eternity transfiguration of Christ on the mountain the presence of His disciples, the incredible suspension of gravity and His walking on the water.

Then came His dramatic arrest, the worst kangaroo court sessions in history which crafted his unjustifiable sentence to death though …