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Walking home from the office on Tuesday, I was caught by a news item on the BBC Newshour 20h edition. Robot priest unveiled in Germany.  As the news anchor tried frantically to point out the strangeness of the idea, the spokesperson for the church was all excited and self-feliciting for the "pioneer" work they are proud to have achieved.  I was like, What? What are you talking about?  Ironically, this work was made to commemorate the 500th anniversary life and work of Marthin Lurther. How ronical! It is stunning that God who would not even allow angels preach, such a lofty calling reserved only for Jesus' disciples now gradually transferred to robots!  The Mirror published online under the theme: "Robot 'preacher' can beam light from its hands and give automated blessings to worshippers." The mirror further explained, "Five hundred years after Luther published the Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg, kicking off the Reformation, an