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D a v i d    P a m   M c Q u e l Our world is so obsessed with gain. Everything has to have some gain attached to it. So much that someone can be in a crowd of ten thousand adults and be so lonely. Gain in itself is not a bad thing. It is natural for man to seek gratification. A footballer wants to score the goal. A farmer wants to reap ample harvest. A student wants to score 100%. The market woman wants to multiply her capital. And a parent wants to see his kids become influential men and women. And when the goal is scored, when sheaves come in, when the scripts come with the highest score, and the market booms, the smile never ends. A dad or a mom stands heart thrilled and with goose bumps when his kid is nationally or internationally acclaimed and honoured. It just depends on what kind of gain it is. When reward is equivalent to labour, when the ratio scale balances between input and output, when gain wipes away the backache of struggle, there is a ch