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The ministry of Jesus is very unique in many ways. Not just because He is God, but because of its  extraordinary harmony and effectiveness. This ministry is one that started with not only illiterates, but ignorant men. They were not educated. They did not belong to the priesthood of Aaron, so concerning the Law, they were ignorant men. None of them was idle. Everyone had to give up something. Some gave up generational occupation, some gave up their only means of livelihood most certainly, all gave up their families and the ambitions of youth. It cost everyone something that defined them, to follow Jesus. Another feature of this ministry was that there was no promise of renumeration. Jesus never promised any of his disciples wages or allowances. There was no payroll. It was an odd call. A call to work without a guarantee of financial benefit. None of them was expecting a prestigious position or an award. The call was to give up everything and just follow. They were all


Christianity is the only faith born out of compassion. Any effort that can be made in sharing the gospel with the unsaved that is neither born out of compasion nor driven by the spirit of compassion is void of power and influence. The compassionate heart of the witness for Jesus dissolves the hardened heart of the rebellious. All religions are the effort of man to find God. However, the Christian life is God reaching down to man. God saw that man was lost, desperate and helpless and He initiated an effort to redeem man. This act of his love is totally unsolicited. We didn't ask him to do it. We didn't deserve it because of good works. God in his infinite mercies planned and orchestrated. John 3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. NIV Although Jesus Christ our Lord was Jewish by ancestry, He is root and founder of the Christian faith. Jesus came and died for all m