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By David Pam McQuel How does it feel to be forty? Catherine has been wondering for months now. A mixture of anxiety, disappointment and uncertainty has beclouded her. She keeps this to herself.  Her melancholy tortures her with disapproval. Yet she has been more fortunate that many. Counting her blessings, her inner voice chastises her for ingratitude. She wasn't raised with silverspoon but she enjoyed luxury that a lot of kids only dream of. She went to a prestigious school, dressed well for every birthday and event, had family outtings and travel for vacations. Now as an adult, she has graduated and enjoys digit monthly pay package. She is married to the most Amazing husband and has two beautiful kids. Her husband, Nkodi, her best friends have been in frenzy about the birthday. They are crossing every "t" and doting every "i" appropriately, to give the 40 gorgeous perfumed candles she deserves.  Longlife is rewarding, good health, a blesse


By David Pam McQuel One fundamental difference between God's language, which is scriptural language and human language which is the root of modern day vocabulary is the word, Heart. And this basic word cuts across all nations and cultures. In biological terms, the heart is the organ on the left thoracic cavity with tubes connecting all parts of the body for the circulation of blood. In a layman's explanation, with an extremely accurate  coordination, through the arteries and veins, oxygenated and dioxigenated blood circulates in the body to supply oxygen, food nutrients and medicinal properties as well as evacuate waste products from the body thereby keeping the body working normally. Surprisingly, this biological heart does NOT appear in the bible. However, in Bible language the heart is the most prominent part of a man's existence. It is the centre of everything he is and does. The heart is the SPIRIT of man. Take Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard you