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C.   A n d e r s o n We recently visited America. Though I was born in Nigeria, my passport says I am an American. I love my country. But I have never felt like a “real” American. As our time back in the USA was drawing to a close, someone asked me, “Are you going home next week?” That is a hard question to answer. Where is home anyhow? Is it where I now live on the mission field (Asia)? Is it my passport country? They both feel like home. Neither of them feels like home. This feels like a kind of “homelessness.” This never quite fulfilled longing for home, is a type of missionary loneliness. It is a tough cross to bear. WE DON’T FIT ANYWHERE As missionaries do you ever feel as if you don’t “fit” in? You are not fully a part of your new culture. You are no longer at home in your old culture either. God wants to use these missionary life challenges to draw us deeper and closer. He wants to turn difficulty into a disguised blessing. The sense of never being at home pushes us toward