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D a v i d   P a m   M c Q u e l Growing up spiritually is parallel to growing up physically. A lot goes into it. Many people want the joy of a new birth and want to dwell only there and never go beyond. Indeed, new birth is a trigger for joy happiness. Everyone rejoices. Both family and friends celebrate. Its just a beautiful sight to see a new baby. Hardly do you see even a stranger that is not attracted to a new born. However, growing is greater. This is because every baby has the potential of a great future. He could be a great farmer one day.  He can be a teacher, a doctor or a businessman. He might turn out to be a great inventor, a lecturer, a politician or an internationally influential person. Yet, the bridge to that potential place is growth. Growth therefore, is the most important thing. Secondly, grow is what is expect. No one who does not grow is considered normal. At the general hospital tens of new mothers wait in the cue. They take turn to see t