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Everybody here lies. There is the culture of selfishness. The prevailing culture is outsmarting the other guy to get a better vantage point. Rudh has struggled lately, since she got this contract. What was the source of envy for her friends and colleagues and from everyone has turned into a nightmare. Many times she has regretted ever getting the contract in the first place. That her friends lied about being happy for her is not strange, everyone does that. What was strange was their daring effort to sabotage her. The plant false stories, spread false rumours and keep valuable info from her that could make her job and life easier. There are no reliable friends here. What everyone accepts is, there are no permanent friends but permanent interests. Get what you knew at all cost, trample on anyone, step on any toe, backstab anyone standing on your way, fall and get up, whatever you do, get your plans done or end up trying. The cloud of mistrust, of self-centeredness, of p