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 B Y D A V I D P A M M c Q U E L Special moments in Jesus’ life and ministry The fact that Jesus came is indisputable. And many events doted His extraordinarily eventful life. His Birth in Bethlehem announced thousands of years ahead and marked by a mysterious appearing of a start more than 2000 miles away, His intriguing Baptism at Jordan market by the descend of the Holy Spirit in a dove form accompanied by God’s own voice from the open heavens in the hearing of all. Then there was His mindboggling ministry with inexplicable transformation of sinners, never ever seen before dumbfounding miracles and healings, the spellbinding sermon on the mount, the miracles beyond documentation, the once in an eternity transfiguration of Christ on the mountain the presence of His disciples, the incredible suspension of gravity and His walking on the water. Then came His dramatic arrest, the worst kangaroo court sessions in history which crafted his unjustifiable sentence to de