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One Soul At A Time

I looked forward to this evening, since the appointment was made. I have known Konga for three years now. He has a difficult appearance and dread in the estate by some but supposedly unfriendly. And kept a small circle of hardcore friends that look alike, tattoos, earrings and intimidating muscles. I didn't know what he makes of me, a missionary. We have had just a few cordial greetings nothing much. But day and night I have desired to share the gospel with every single soul in this estate. After three years of seeing someone five days of the week makes starting a simple conversation less suspicious. I walked up to him a week earlier, on a Tuesday morning, smiled and tried a short chat. I didn't intend to blast off with a holier-than-thou repent-or-you-perish evangelistic jargons. I just wanted simple spark of friendly communication, and that I got. And much more! I got a smile, an invitation inside, more importantly an appointment to share the good news of salvati