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BY   D A V I D    P A M    M C Q U E L My friend Rhonda Cocroft-Powell asked me about my testimony of salvation, funny enough this is the first time someone online asked. Indeed I realized I have not blogged my testimony of salvation yet. It was immediately an inspiration and I began to script in my mind. I have a reach legacy of salvation left behind by my parents. The Barkin Ladi Revival of 1958 Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria is not connected to the international American apostolic ministry. It was birthed from an encounter the late apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola (1904-1948) of South Nigeria had in 1928 when he was a driver with the British colonial Public Works Department. It was an exceptional encounter there is no space to describe here. As a result of his ministry which was turning tens of thousands weekly from idol worship to Christ, his followers came together and urge him to start a church. Hence, Christ Apostolic Church was born. The church spread thro