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D a v i d   P a m    M c Q u e l Years ago, 1990 to be precise, I met new friends, Emmanuel and Mary, a Young couple with a young son, Johnny. They were very precious to me, friends I will always remember. Life wasn't easy then, I was just a year into full time Christian ministry, precisely under tutoring. I was serving with a church which they they used to be a part of for some time before they moved to another part of town in Jos, North-Central Nigeria. They couldn't afford attending their church. A lot had been spoken in their honour, about what a good couple they were. So I hoped to persuade them to come back to church. In response, they shared this testimony. Just about when they moved their little boy was sick. It was fever, and very high. And there was no money at home. In fact, when it started, they ignored it. They believed it will soon go away. Wishing it away didn't work. Then suddenly, the fever skyrocketed. From snubbing to anxiety, lit