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By   Z E N I T H A    V I C T O R I A    B A D A I celebrate you all, I bless God for the strength to continue in Him. We would be looking at the part B of What You Feed Your Spirit Matters and as we look into this topic we ask the holy spirit to minister to our hearts in Jesus name Amen. The holy spirit is like a man riding a vehicle, and the vehicle represents our body. We know the popular road safety slogan, "Do not drink and drive" this is because the intake of   alcohol could lead this driver to cause an accident on the road, in other words we the condition of a driver matters for a safe drive.   Our spirit is a spiritual man, that has feelings, and just like human beings feel hungry he does to, but for spiritual food which is the word of God. The more we feed our spirit with the word of God the more he reminds us of the word of God and that is why the bible says, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Rom


          NEWS FROM THE WORLD MISSIONS CENTRE, ABIDJAN The long postponed spreading to the unreached nations of West Africa. Rev. Mark Sessay of the Assemblies of God Sierra Leone has been a long time friend when we met in Ghana in 2012 and has invited us to Sierra Leone since then. Rev. Philip Zantoe of Monrovia Liberia a good friend we met in Uyo International Pastors Conference hosted by the great Pro-Missions Pastor Dr. Sylvanus Ukafia. Since then Pastor Philip has looked forward to our coming to Liberia The Year 2019 presents us an extraordinary opportunity to seize God's long awaited word and ride on its wings. Mission Tour kicks off 26 February and should last about 2 weeks. I will be speaking in a few churches, but I will also be reaching rural and urban centres, to create friendships and lay down a found for great mission work. I urge our friends and Partners who love the Lord, who love what we do and enjoy to see us progress stand with us. Pray for u