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The Abnormally Normal Sunday Diary

Walking through the perfectly manicured lawn, walking towards the recently completed huge landmark excellently architectured sanctuary, I couldn't help but whisper "Thank You Jesus" for this great feat. We've come far, well far away from the ramshackle embarrassing facility we first worshipped in, through the non-ventilated stuffy hall we used for 12 years. God is good! Walking before me was a newly wed couple who grew up before us in this church and behind me was the only destist in town. Everyone in church is proud to belong to here. And so was I. This humble congregation boasts of the governor worshipping here 34 of the 52 Sundays in a year. And our church is a household name. I whispered beneath my breathe, God is good. I came to church 30 minutes before the worship begins and I have the time to welcome guest worshippers. My pastor has build a standard. And I have to be superbly dressed to my taste. Again coming early gives me time to go through my