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D A V I D   P A M   M c Q U E L Although it is clearly stated in Jesus’ last instructions before ascending back to the Father, yet one big problem among Christians who should be going to win the whole world is choosing who is more valuable to save than the other. Some years ago I met an old schoolmate who was really excited hearing that I was a missionary. He was curious to know if I was serving in the UK, Germany or the United States. When I told him I was serving in Ghana, he was evidently disappointed. Of course, his idea of a missionary with prestige was one who will serve in developed countries which will boost my status and respect among men. The truth is everyone missionary is sent by God. And God decides where everyone fits. It is never a choice about comfort or pleasure. It is giving up everything to reach those who badly need God. Jesus sent us to all mankind. In the business of salvation, there is no one soul more valued than the other. We have, as human beings all falle