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Winnie has had a lot going on lately for her. She got a better job, which brought along a new social class and relationships, friends on a higher level of life which also meant better parties with expensive perfumes and wines! She recently got herself a beautiful house, well furnished with exotic paintings and luxurious flower pots. Her driving lessons are well advanced in a few months she'll have her nice car, and the game is just beginning! Everything seems so right. Finally, every "I" is being dotted and every "t" is being crossed and nothing could be better. Except that the emptiness in her inner man just increases by the day. She is more lonely and sometimes in the midst of those parties and loud music, she is all alone. Even more scary is her new friend Jelani. Last weekend Winnie tried opening up about that shallowness and Jelani told her she was on drugs to overcome hers. She wasn't pushy but she pretended that drugs had sorted hers out. Wi

The Heart's Deepest Search

Stephen leaves home as early as 5:00AM, spends the whole day busy with computers and gadgets, not just satisfying his customers but researching on solutions to many business solutions. For Skila, she is a mother to twins who are toddlers, she is self-employed growing her agro-marketing company as well as a transport system for an effect transfer of foodstuff from the Zambian rural areas. Her goal is to been financially stressless in her 40s and 50s so that her twin boys could have a well supplied colleges education thereby escaping the scorching poverty in Zambia. Even though Idowu graduated with a first class degree in Economics from the University of Abuja, his situation has not been an easy one. With such a testimony, came three offers of well paying jobs. He chose one of course, but the stiff competition on this international platform has taken a toll on his mind. Idowu has extraordinary demands from his company that is basically profit crazy and neither understands nor