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David Pam McQuel The history of the sufferings, death, burial and resurrection of Christ is one of the most documented events in the Bible and other historians. In the gospels, four different writers gave us the flavour of four different angles with different accounts of many people who were eye witnesses.  These records are undisputable. In Josephus and Jesus, By Paul L. Maier, Emeritus Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University, he wrote,  "Flavius Josephus (A.D. 37 – c. 100) was a Jewish historian born in Jerusalem four years after the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth in the same city.  Because of this proximity to Jesus in terms of time and place, his writings have a near-eyewitness quality as they relate to the entire cultural background of the New Testament era. But their scope is much wider than this, encompassing also the world of the Old Testament.  His two greatest works are Jewish Antiquities, unveiling Hebrew histor


David McQuel The cross has become an unofficial emblem of Christianity.  From the roof tops of churches, to walls of living rooms, to jewelries and grave epitaphs, the cross is boldly displayed. Why is it so important? Why have many atheists been offended by the cross? Why does a waitress wearing a chain with a cross face lawsuit? Why is the cross an offence? From the Scripture, John 3:14-15 gives us a power exposition on the cross. " 14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,  even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes in Him  should not perish but have eternal life. " In the wilderness God revealed to the Israelites a type of the cross, when He told Moses to make a bronze snake, and hang it on a cross. So that anyone bitten by the judgement snake may look to the cross and live. It has become the general logo of medical and pharmaceutical profession worldwide. From the editors of the world renown Encyclopedia


By David Pam McQuel Leah Sharibu 15 Years Old's Triumph of Faith. This unfortunate captivity of Leah Sharibu is unacceptable to Christians, to Nigeria, to all true freedom loving people of the world and to the modern civilization. Azuka Onwuka's op-ed in the Nigerian Punch newspaper, The trial of Leah Sharibu, the sacrificial lamb", When the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls were returned last week by Boko Haram terrorists , a new story developed from the kidnap saga. Excluding the five dead girls that did not make it back, only one girl named Leah Sharibu was not brought back by the terrorists . The reason given was that she refused to renounce Christianity and convert to Islam . Consequently, Boko Haram members refused to release her." The BBC gave an account of the abduction. "Militants stormed the town on the evening of Monday, 19 February. They headed towards the compound of a girls' boarding school as they fired guns into the air. F