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R o b e r t    C o l e m a n What is the greatest obstacle to Evangelism today? Some may think that it is the fear of how others will respond, or a feeling of being unqualified to answer the questions of friends who do not believe in Jesus. I believe the reason goes deeper than that. In North America, we have a society of people who generally have a sense of sufficiency in themselves. People do not feel a need for a relationship with God. The feel that they are getting along alright on their own, so they see no need for salvation. We also have a culture where, if people believe in God, they tend to fashion Him in their own image - with all of their human limitations. Everyone thus determines what they want to believe. Nothing is nailed down; people set their own standards, and truth becomes relative. Tolerance becomes the great virtue of society, and claims of authority based on the Word of God can make one look like a bigot. And it is just "the world" t