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Last week John was so much in a hurry that he couldn't see the traffic light!  Wasn't intentional but the police arrest you in spite of you great intentions. At the sight of the police stopping, he even got madder. He was all focused on getting to the meeting before his "no-nonsense" boss gets there. Carol set the her food on fire, gently paced to the living room barefoot to catch up with her daily soap. What an episode she watch yesterday! Now she wants to see what happened after that! Did the man die? What happened to his dog? How will that couple separate, she was lost into the television when the anger infesting smell of her burnt food hit her. She jumped hysterically but it was late. She ruin her meal. The two stories above have one thing in common, TIME. Jesus' mum requested a miracle for the wedding in Cana, from him. And Jesus said, 4 “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.” Jesus knew his time had not come.