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By David Pam McQuel This week, I made a post on Facebook stating that instead of praying that Jesus should come back now, let's take the gospel to those who never heard it. And in response, a gentleman wrote these words expressing his personal opinion:   "He'll be here soon. Because of satellite communications. We have reached all nations. All prophecies have been fulfilled. Now we wait and pray!" He added, "I've seen a lot of Pastors who have talked about how they and many other people have been doing missionary work in the country's you speak of. Many are installing wells, feeding and giving medicine to these villages. At the same time Gods word is being shared. Many will tell you that almost all the world has been reached. So not sure where you have been or who you get your information from, but just because you have been doing this for 22 years. Doesn't mean you are totally informed. I've been a follower of our Lord for over 50 year