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by David Pam McQuel * Please we would like to hear from you to assess our effectiveness. Check details at the end and there is a comments input field following. Thank you . When God finally gave me the go ahead to start this blog on the 1st of January 2017, I knew exactly what He wanted of me. There are three key words that propel the blog and they are: Evangelism Witnessing Jesus to those who either have never heard about His sacrifice for them or have not understood the message of salvation. And helping lead them to Christ in prayer of confessing His lordship over their lives. Discipleship God's desire is that a convert grows to become a disciple. To achieve this, spiritual leaders and other maturing believers must help new believers learn and grow into disciples. Missions This is the aspect of the Church that focuses on expanding the kingdom and spreading the gospel to foreign peoples and cultures and nations. It is the collect effort of the Churc