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By     D a v i d    P a m    M c Q u e l       Persecution Jesus taught extensively on persecution. Early church endured much persecution. In modern times and over the centuries, Christianity has endured unimaginable persecution. Persecution is neither new nor will it ever end. Remarkably, whenever the church compromises and weakens, persecution lessens. But with every advancement and outbreak of church growth come waves and types of persecutions, both individually and collectively. North Korea The main driver of North Korean Christian Persecution is the state. For three generations, everything in the country focused on idolizing the leading Kim family. Christians are seen as hostile elements in society which have to be eradicated. Due to the constant indoctrination permeating the whole country, neighbors and even family members are highly watchful and report anything suspicious to the authorities. Children are especially vulnerable to the heavy indoctrination. Reports sho