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D a v i d   P a m   M c Q u e l Jesus s aid in response to Peter’s declaration, that the church would be build upon a rock, and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. This shows us clearly that the battle would be at the gates of hell not the gates of the church. Unfortunately it is not the case. The church has forgotten that it was born for battle. The church has resigned to individual struggles in pursuit of individual goals. And the church has been left with not defenders. The church was to be a warring church not a relaxation church. Many consider God the father to be merely a Father Christmas figure. As far as they are concerned, He should be doing something for them daily. Therefore the battle today rages at the gates of the church. In fact, the battle has gone past the gates of the church, it is inside the church. Not having enough - it is called Greed. Greed is eating up the church. Three decades ago, people were so thankful for wh