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B Y   D A V I D   P A M   M C Q U E L

Truly exceptional peace
I came in exhausted. Welcome daddy” the kids roared full of life. But I was cold. I looked beaten and exhausted I looked at them and tried to force a smile. Then literally dropped the laptop bag on the sofa. The excitement nosedived.
“Poor kids” I thought beneath my breathe. They have no idea.
There are lots of things I would rather not do. They are complicated, demanding, frustrating and excruciating. Although they turn out to be a big blessing. But hard work is hard. No debate about it. And can I add “tough”?
Immediately after the morning worship with family, I rushed into the shower complaining about both the less sleep I had last night and the fact that I’m already late to this morning’s appointment. I kicked the door open, ejected myself out while adjusting the tie.
I was outside with I heard the kids shooting their bye bye daddy. I did reply, but I was at the main gate. Did they hear me? Did they not? When, I guess …