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D a v i d     P a m     M c Q u e lThanks to the Collins online dictionary.clueless. (kluːləs ) adjective. If you describe someone as clueless, you are showing your disapproval of the fact that they do not know anything about a particular subject or that they are incapable of doing a particular thing properly.It seems to be an insult or rather too harsh to accuse someone of been clueless. Don’t even dare use it against the church.If there is an exposed wire in my electrical wiring of my house, it will spark every time both naked wires have contact. If I don’t know what to do next, no matter how many degrees I have acquired from Cambridge or Oxford Universities, it will be safe to say I was clueless.Many parents don’t really know what to do as first aid treatment for their kids. So if your kid has a high fever in the middle of the night at home and you have no access to medical care, you may become frantic, desperate and panic because you are clueless. That’s not an insult.It is “a dis…